T.I.L.W. Cleaning Up My Github

Been reorganizing and cleaning up my Github page. I’m actually really learning a lot right now, so I want to take notes:

How to use Github Pages:
Github allows you to host static websites right from their site. Neato!
There are two main methods of hosting:

  1. Project Pages site =
    Nice way to compile and showcase all your static pages projects from one base URL. In order to host it, simply create a branch called “gh-pages”.  You can get many of these.
  2. User Pages site =
    I assume it’s like the landing page for your entire person. In order to host it, name your repository in the format specified above. You can only get one of these.

In depth tutorial to make things crystal clear.
To un-publish a Project Page or User Page.
Official Github Pages site.

General Terminal Commands
To move the entire contents of one folder into another.

Open up tab to start in the same directory as you’re currently on.

Whoops… lost my flow for this one. Will pub anyways haha.

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