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T.I.L.W. Cleaning Up My Github

Been reorganizing and cleaning up my Github page. I’m actually really learning a lot right now, so I want to take notes: How to use Github Pages: Github allows you to host static websites right from their site. Neato! There are two main methods of hosting: Project Pages site = Nice way to compile and showcase all your static pages projects from one base URL. In order to host it, simply…

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History Technology

QWERTY vs Dvorak vs Colemak, and Tangents

I remember trying to learn how to type using QWERTY. It was back in elementary school, and one of my classmate’s dad was volunteering to teach us kiddos how to type. He would wheel over a big cart of chunky Mac’s, and we were each assigned to a numbered computer. It was super exciting stuff; back then, getting access to a laptop in school was a pretty big deal. Obviously, the keyboard…

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Engineering Technology

Illuminote: Getting Started

Illuminote, start of a new adventure So I have an app idea, and I’ve been thinking about it for a while. I’m just writing to solidify my learning, but I welcome anyone who’s reading this and wants to learn alongside with me! Would love to learn with people during this journey. Anyways, hopefully by writing stuff down I learn things better, and remember them longer (plus I can always refer to what…

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