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QWERTY vs Dvorak vs Colemak, and Tangents

I remember trying to learn how to type using QWERTY. It was back in elementary school, and one of my classmate’s dad was volunteering to teach us kiddos how to type. He would wheel over a big cart of chunky Mac’s, and we were each assigned to a numbered computer. It was super exciting stuff; back then, getting access to a laptop in school was a pretty big deal. Obviously, the keyboard…

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Power Up Sublime!

Attention: This article is a work in progress. So I’ve been using Sublime for quite a while, but I never really did bother trying to get the most of it. It was not until S.Z. helped me out and change my workflow did I start trying to get more into it. Here’s a couple things I found out you could do with it. The Master Command Remember it now, and don’t forget…

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