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Dance Musicality

It never ceases to amaze me when I see someone dance with meaning, intent, and confidence. It’s like seeing the music come alive right before my eyes. The dancer becomes both the instrument and the instrumentalist. The body acts as both the orchestra and the conductor. To be able to dance with the music, and not to the music; it’s a slight distinction that makes all the difference. Look at 1:06 in…

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Art Business Language

Fair Use as a Writer

One side project I’m interested in exploring involves analyzing song lyrics, breaking them down, and memorizing them. I want to consciously digest the harmony, rhythm, melody, dynamics, etc. I realize that I often treat songs as ear candy. I hear them, but I don’t truly listen to them. Hopefully by putting in more deliberate effort towards understanding a song, I can connect with it better, improve my musicality, and maybe even my memory (I’ve always…

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