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Language Philosophy

Failure to Perform

So recently I helped host an open session with a dancer by the name Chaz Cabonce. Chaz brought his open session crew over, DJed some old school beats, and we had a blast. Although it was pretty intimidating seeing these great dancers kill it on the dance floor, it was an enlightening one. Everyone was so creative, everyone was so open, and everyone was willing to share their knowledge, acting as both teacher and…

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Art Language

Why I Write

I figure I’ll start off this first post with the reason why I’m engaging in this endeavor in the first place. For a while, especially in high school, I really took solace writing in my journals. I wrote about my thoughts, feelings, ideas, and also penned some cringeworthy poems. But I also found writing an invaluable tool for reflection, growth, creativity, and learning. I genuinely believe I would be quite a different person…

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