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Fair Use as a Writer

One side project I’m interested in exploring involves analyzing song lyrics, breaking them down, and memorizing them. I want to consciously digest the harmony, rhythm, melody, dynamics, etc. I realize that I often treat songs as ear candy. I hear them, but I don’t truly listen to them. Hopefully by putting in more deliberate effort towards understanding a song, I can connect with it better, improve my musicality, and maybe even my memory (I’ve always…

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Why I Write

I figure I’ll start off this first post with the reason why I’m engaging in this endeavor in the first place. For a while, especially in high school, I really took solace writing in my journals. I wrote about my thoughts, feelings, ideas, and also penned some cringeworthy poems. But I also found writing an invaluable tool for reflection, growth, creativity, and learning. I genuinely believe I would be quite a different person…

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